About us

Webalsa IT solutions is a team of young and dedicated professionals who provide Website Design & Development for small and medium sized business organizations. Webalsa is not only an organisation but a promise of commitment and sincerity. Our endeavour is always customer satisfaction & timely completion of projects. We offer website design/re-design, website development, e-commerce web solution, shopping cart development, website maintenance, content management services. Our aim is to empower businesses & individuals to explore the full business potential available on the Internet.

Webalsa offers a wide array of services such as professional web site design, web site maintenance, web hosting, web page templates, graphics design, Macromedia Flash and other small business services such as logo and banner design. The team includes computer science professors and IT leaders. We specialize working with small to medium size schools, colleges, NGOs and businesses. The team has combined over 15 years of experience.

WITS strives to create professional web sites that will effectively promote our clients products or services to their target audience. We listen to our clients and develop a custom made web site that will enhance your overall corporate image. Unlike your standard newspaper or phone book ad, a web site can contain an unlimited amount of information at a fraction of the price, and is accessible by millions world wide. Any aspect of your site can be updated monthly, weekly, or even daily, to have current information for your readers. This information can be accessed with a click of a button from around the entire globe, 24 hours a day. Statistics show that there are over 300 million people on the Internet today. Those numbers speak for themselves.

For the do-it-yourself client, we also offer professional personal and business web site templates. We have 1200+ professional web site templates in categories such as small business website templates (ecommerce, restaurant, florist, photography, legal, real estate, daycare, patriotic, general business templates, etc.), personal web site templates (family templates, holidays, sports, high tech, celebrations, retro, portal, aliens, etc.), wedding web site templates, and celebrity or fan web site templates. Our web page templates can be easily edited with Dreamweaver, Front Page, or any web page editor. We have several free web templates that you can request to get an idea of how easy it is to use our web templates.